Victoria Hill, M.Ed., PLPC, LPC, CMPC

Hi, my name is Victoria Hill. I am a sport counselor here at Sterling Sport Mindset. Growing up I had played many different sports, but softball was the one that I was drawn to most. It took up the majority of my time, and still does to this day. My first three years of college were spent as a student athlete in Tennessee. I experienced what it was like to be a collegiate athlete, but also the tolls of being far from home.

Going through hard times mentally myself as a college athlete led me to pursue sport psychology. 

As a former student athlete, I know what it’s like to lack self-confidence, get down on yourself after a mistake, or let your emotions get out of control during high pressure situations. I’ve been there and I know how to get through it all. I help athletes who are going through hard times themselves, and show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I help athlete’s work through those times and come out still loving their sport and wanting to succeed. 

I’m here for YOU!

Because of my past experiences in sports, I can relate to athletes struggling through those hard times. However, when it goes and gets tough, the strong minded don’t give up! I’m here to help you get through those times of struggle. We’ll work on the mental skills and techniques that will help you persevere and achieve your goals.

Whether you’re struggling with self-confidence, needing help bouncing back from mistakes, or wanting to control your emotions when the game is on the line. I’ve been there, and I know what it’s like to have all those thoughts going on in your head. I know the mental skills and techniques that can help you gain control of your thoughts, instead of your thoughts controlling you and your performance. The physical training for your sport never stops, and neither should your mental training!

Connect with me, and get ready to step up your game!

More About Me:

I am an animal lover, and enjoy being around my family and friends. I graduated from Washburn University with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology, and I have a master’s degree in Sport Counseling from Wichita State University. I’m a provisionally licensed counselor in Missouri and Kansas, along with having my CMPC through the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. Currently, I live in the Kansas City area, and it’s the place I’ve always called my home. In early November 2023 I got married to my now husband, Evan! We are both excited to see what the future hold for us as we take on life together.

Although I am no longer an athlete, I have had the opportunity to help coach softball and give pitching lessons in my free time. Psychology has always been interesting to me, but being a collegiate athlete helped me realize I had a true passion for sport psychology. Having perspective from both the athlete and coach side of things has really been helpful at times when working with athletes. Regardless of age, sport, or competitive level, I’ll be here to help you better your mental game!

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