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Looking for a team talk or workshop? At Sterling Sport Mindset,

Do your athletes get super anxious before a game? Does athlete confidence take a hit with an error? Notice any athletes having trouble keeping their focus during a competition? As a coach have you said “you’re ‘stuck in your head’?”

As a coach you know that the mental game can be the difference between a win and a loss, a PR and a “maybe next year.” Negative thoughts, emotions, and actions influence playing time, goal achievement, and overall playing experience.

The good news is your athletes can learn techniques to “train your brain” for the game, in sport and life. The mental skills that lead to success on the field are the same skills they can use in the classroom and in relationships.

When you schedule a talk for your team, they’ll learn about the habits that hurt or help their game and leave with the mindset strategies to develop a complete mental game plan.

Athletes will leave our team talks & workshops with techniques they can implement immediately to improve their game.

We offer three ways to work with your team:

Free Team Talk

This free team talk is a great way to introduce mental skills to your team. Your team will learn the skills athletes use to develop their complete mental game.

Single Workshop

Athletes will leave this 90-minute workshop with a mental game plan. They’ll learn which skills to use, when to use them, and how to personalize them for their game. Athletes who implement their plan will see it pay off.

Single Workshop – $500

Workshop Series

In this 6-session workshop, we’ll dive into the top 6 mental skills that make up a Complete Mental Game Plan. Your team will experience a selection of the most influential exercises we use with our individual clients. During our 6 sessions, there will be ample opportunity for in-depth questions, personalization, and strategy to create a next level mental game plan for each athlete.

Workshop Series – $2,500

  • In-person in Kansas City
  • Online via Zoom
  • Available for select travel engagements

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Thinking an individual initial consultation may be a better fit?