Sport Mindset Coaching: What does it actually look like?

Sport psychology/mental performance/sport mindset coaching…it’s called so many things!

Since even the field itself struggles with what to name it, we can only imagine how difficult it is for an athlete and their family to know what happens when they sign up.

When we meet with clients for the Initial Consult or a quick chat after a Team Talk, we often get asked, “So what does this actually look like?”

Well we thought we’d go over that with you today!

We can do this imagery style. Please read the following in your best imagery-style voice. 🙂

Imagine…you’re an athlete who has reached out to us. You might be experiencing the following:

Maybe you’re already killin’ it on the court, but you know that the mental game separates the good from the great, and you want to be great.

Maybe it’s all becoming a little much. The give-it-your-all, all-the-time sport culture is demanding and it would be amazing to talk to someone who gets it.

Maybe you’re experiencing some mindset challenges. You’ve always felt like you had a pretty good mental game, but something has shifted lately and you’d really (like seriously, today) appreciate the ability to regain your confidence.

Okay, do you see it? Picture yourself feeling those feelings, thinking those thoughts, and searching the internet for someone to help.

You’re kind of nervous about this whole process. You know that athletes work with sport mindset coaches, but you have no clue what that actually means.

Luckily, you find Sterling Sport Mindset! Okay, they really seem to understand. You’re feeling optimistic.

You schedule an initial consult at a time that fits your schedule. It’s so easy with the simple online scheduling system and a variety of times available. So far so good.

You click the link in the appointment confirmation email and you meet with the amazing Kelsey – Intake Coordinator Extraordinaire. You feel at ease. You feel relief. You know you’re in the right place.

During the consult, Kelsey goes over what it looks like to work together. The change in your mental game, the number of sessions, the awesome Playbook, outside of session support…it sounds perfect.

But you’re still a little unsure of what it looks like. You have questions like, What will we actually do in a session? Do we just talk? Do I have to prepare anything?

Let’s continue our imagery.

You’ve signed up and you’re pumped! You can already feel your mindset shifting, just knowing what’s ahead.

You receive a welcome packet in the mail, including the Complete Mental Game Playbook. You know this is legit. There’s a note inside, letting you know you’re free to look through the book, but that you’ll go through it with your sport mindset coach. Okay, awesome, still feeling great about this. Before the first session, you think about what’s going on for you now and the goals you want to achieve. You write a few things down, but know that you don’t have to. You’re feeling “prepared” for the first session.

When session time arrives, you feel excited. There’s no rush. No need to get online or to the office (for in-person KC clients) too early. The session begins right at session time.

In person KC clients, your coach walks you from the chill waiting room to the office. You have a seat on the comfy couch.

Online clients, you find a comfortable spot where you won’t be interrupted then click the link to start the session.

You’re greeted by a smiling, welcoming sport mindset coach. You instantly feel at ease. Your coach explains more about the Complete Mental Game process and you know this is the right place!

No need to stress about the process. It feels like you’re just talking, even though it’s a game changing conversation. Your coach guides you by asking questions. You collaborate to develop your personalized game plan. You share your experiences. Your coach listens and shares techniques. Together, you decide what works best for you and your situation. You feel like you can really talk with your coach and that they’ll listen and help. It’s so good to have 50 full minutes dedicated to you and your mental game plan. It’s also great knowing that you can check-in with your coach via Voxer in between sessions. You feel so supported. Totally the right call.

And there you have it. You can read the rest of this in your regular voice. 🙂

Now that you know what it looks…and feels like, let’s get started!

New clients, you’ll schedule an initial consult today. Former clients, you can reach out to your coach or visit our contact page to start back up.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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