Sport Mindset Workbook

The Pre-Game to Podium Sport Mindset Workbook has everything you need to develop a mental plan. Designed for sport, yet applies to life. We’re here to help you achieve athletic success AND a healthy mindset.

Picture this. It’s Sunday evening. You’re home from a long tournament or you’re thinking about your training plan for the week ahead. You’re in rest mode, but that doesn’t mean your mind is at rest. 

How’d the weekend competition go? Did you show up the way you wanted? Are you ready for the week ahead? Are you progressing towards your goals?

Sometimes these questions swirl around in your head. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just sit quietly on a Sunday (or any other) evening and actually work on your mental game? But looking at a blank notebook seems overwhelming. Where do you start? Do you list what’s going wrong? Do you do a pro/con list about your performance?

Maybe you should google sport mindset tips? And then you’ve lost 2 hours on videos and you’re more confused than when you started. Plus you’re comparing yourself to everyone else online who seems to have it all figured out.

What if you had a guide for your game plan? You could print it out and get right to work. Something with the right questions directly in front of you and in the just right order to actually implement the plan and improve your game.

How awesome would that be? 

As an athlete, you’re a self-starter, a go-getter, a let’s do this person. Once you know what to do, you do it. 

That’s exactly what our Pre-Game to Podium Mindset Workbook provides! It’s like having a mindset coach on call and leading you through your plan. 

This eWorkbook has everything you need to develop a pre-game to podium mental game plan. No time to waste, your game is on the line. We know this and we’re here to help you achieve success. Fun fact: The exercises in this workbook apply just as well for life outside of sport. Mental health techniques and sport mindset = Win. Win.

And at only $27, you can’t pass it up.


If you just knew what to do and when to do it, you know you could make it happen, but right now it seems overwhelming. Like where do you even start?

You’re self-motivated. Once you know what to do, you’ll do it. No one has to fire you up to improve your game.

You’re looking for the competitive edge that a mental game plan will give you.

Your coach suggested that you need to “get out of your head.” You just need a plan.

You’re so ready, actually beyond ready, to get back to your game. Ready to play like you know you can.


You’re not sure what else to try. You know your athlete needs some help with their sport mindset.

Your athlete is so close to their goals. You don’t want to let a mindset setback hold them back.

You’d love for your athlete to love their sport again. Seems like that’s when they’re happier off-the-court too.

You’d love to see more of “what sport psych looks like” before diving into the full program.

You’re on board, but you’re worried your athlete isn’t up for sessions, no worries. The self-guided workbook is the perfect solution!

It’s time to get the Pre-Game to Podium Sport Mindset Workbook!

With the PG2P Workbook you’ll get:

A specific mental game plan. It will start with the week leading up to competition and end with post-game reflection, covering all of the steps in between.

We’ll cover the Leading Up to Competition skills. The techniques you can use to prepare in the weeks or days before competition. Techniques to “get your mind right.”

Next you’ll learn Pre-Game Mindset. These are the mindset skills you’ll use just before the event. The techniques that have you ready to “flip the switch.”

Then it’s Game Time. Make a plan filled with skills to keep your head in the game. To handle adversity. To refocus. To stay in the zone.

Don’t forget about Post-Game. No one talks about “unflipping the switch,” but we will. There are strategies to help you ease out of game mode and back into life, while setting yourself up to come back even stronger next time.

Sport Mindset Skills Covered:

  • Imagery – how to actually do it.
  • Self-Talk – get your brain to stop arguing.
  • Take Out Mind Trash – what to do with the spiraling negative thoughts.
  • Intensity – find the right level and adjust to stay in the zone.
  • Flip the Switch – identify when & how that will happen for you.
  • Focus – how to actually control the controllable and let the rest go.
  • Emotion Management – how to keep your competitive fire in check in tense situations.
  • Breathe – harness the power that comes with a single deep breath.
  • Unflip the Switch – how to get out of game mode, it’s actually pretty important.

Why Is It Only $27?

Access. We really want this to be accessible. Every athlete deserves to have sport psychology skills. Sport should be a positive experience and we want to do our part to make it that way.

We want ALL ATHLETES to achieve dreams, love their sport, and enjoy the experience while developing the mindset skills to become a happier, healthier human too. 

PLUS When you purchase your $27 eWorkbook, we’re including full-access to our Pre-Game to Podium Online Course. You’ll have all of the videos and extra content to go along with the Workbook. 

We’re serious about making sport a better experience for all athletes. Join us!

PG2P Workbook FAQ’s

How much is the investment? $27 for a mental game plan tailored to you. Yes, $27. What?! Yep, $27. Seriously. No more wondering what to do and when to do it. No more looking for the right person to work with. No more stressing because you’re not playing like you right now. Problem solved. Follow your plan and achieve your goals. Starting lineup? College scholarship? Impress pro scouts? Those goals are priceless. Let’s go!

How long is the workbook? While it’s the content that counts, the workbook is 35+ pages of specific techniques. The workbook is straightforward. We don’t mess around when it comes to your mental game. It’s right to the point. The amount of time that you spend on the exercises/worksheets in order to make sure the skills work for you, varies greatly by athlete. Spend as much time on them as you’d like. Being thoughtful about the skills makes your game stronger, but don’t get stuck “perfecting” your game plan; you’ve got to put it in practice…literally. Start applying this stuff in practice right away.

How pumped am I going to be that I signed up for this? So pumped! Athletes notice mindset improvements right away. Don’t be surprised when you start crushing goals, playing confidently, refocusing when you need to, and playing “in the zone” more often. You’ll need to put in the mental reps along the way to make it stick. Revisit the content, videos, and exercises as many times as you need. As your mental game reaches new levels, you’ll see how the workbook meets you at that new level. You’ll get pumped all over again.

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