Policies and Consent to Coaching

Policies Agreement & Consent to Mental Performance Coaching

You, or a family member, are about to become involved in mental performance coaching with a trained mental performance consultant (i.e. coach). We wish to take this opportunity to welcome you and also to state some basic principles we believe essential in establishing a good consulting relationship. Please read through this information, asking questions as needed.

FIRST SESSION: During your first session, goals regarding your complete mental game plan will be set.

APPOINTMENTS: Each session is approximately 50 minutes. At the end of each appointment you can discuss future appointments with your coach. It is your responsibility to schedule all included sessions. If you do not schedule or show up for your appointments, you will still be charged for the entire amount of the program. You have three months to complete your six sessions. Appointments are scheduled through Acuity Scheduling. While we anticipate you being able to complete all sessions with your original coach, we will assign a new coach if needed.

ADDITIONAL SESSIONS: If you’d like to continue working with a Sterling Sport Mindset coach after your initial six session program, you can re-sign or purchase additional check-in session packages. Please talk to your coach about options.

CANCELLATIONS: If you find that you need to cancel an appointment, please give as much notice as possible so that we can schedule clients who may be waiting for an appointment. No refunds will be provided for canceled sessions/programs.

TECHNOLOGY: Online sessions will take place via Google Meet. If the client or consultant has technological connection issues, we will reschedule the appointment at no cost. While SSM has a professional and secure Google Meet account, we acknowledge potential limits to technological security that are beyond our control.

PAYMENTS: Payment is made when you sign up for our services. If you selected the two payment option, the remaining payment will be automatically charged the next month to the card you provided. If you need to change payment method (e.g. use a different card), you can log in to your account or let your consultant know at least 3 days before the upcoming payment. We accept credit card, debit card, and HSA card payments. If your payment is declined our system will send you an automated email. You will not be able to complete sessions until your payment method is updated and payment is made.

INSURANCE: Our services are self-pay. We do not accept insurance payments. We do, however, accept payments from HSA/FSA cards. Payments for services received through Sterling Sport Mindset are ultimately the client’s responsibility. 

THERAPY VS MENTAL PERFORMANCE COACHING: All Sterling Sport Mindset coaches have graduate level training in either sport psychology or clinical/counseling psychology. While some of the coaches on our team have clinical/counseling degrees, all Sterling Sport Mindset coaches work from a mental performance consulting/coaching framework, instead of a clinical/therapy framework. This framework allows us to do mental performance coaching without assigning a clinical diagnosis or developing a record of clinical treatment. We will provide clinical/counseling therapy referrals if requested.

RESULTS: All clients will leave their 6 session program with a personalized Complete Mental Game Plan. Clients are encouraged to implement the mindset work and plan outside of sessions (i.e. put in the mental reps).

CONFIDENTIALITY: All information regarding the specific nature of your mental performance coaching is maintained by Sterling Sport Mindset and is considered confidential unless specified by a client or parent in writing. However, if there is concern for client well-being, parents and/or emergency contacts may be notified. Each coach reserves the right to use specialty consultation with other coaches in the practice as deemed necessary. We follow the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) Ethics Code.

CONSENT TO COACHING: Your check box on the payment form and your payment indicate that you have read and agree to the above terms and that you give your consent to coaching for yourself or your family member.