Online Sessions

Welcome to our online sessions info page!

Online sessions are fantastic because they can be done from anywhere. No planning for extra drive time to the office. As athletes (and sport parents), your schedules are already full. While you know the importance of sport mindset work, sometimes it seems impossible to fit another appointment into your schedule.

With online sessions, you can find a comfy, quiet place and log on for your session. The convenience is a game changer! 

Why are online sessions great?

  1. Location, location, location!

You choose the location. You can do a session from anywhere.

On the road? No problem. In your car between practice and a school activity? That works.

2. Comfort.

Sometimes sharing can be intimidating, especially if this is new to you. Of course we’re awesome and easy to talk to, but we still get it.

Online sessions allow you to be in your space. Bring your cat. Sit in your favorite chair. It’s your space, you choose.

3. Online sessions work!

We were doing online sport mindset sessions before online sessions (coaching, therapy, etc) were cool. Sure in 2020 everyone joined the game, but we knew early what the experts agree on now: Online sport counseling is just as effective as in-person work.

How do online sessions work at Sterling Sport Mindset?

We start all athletes with a free mini session. You’ll schedule your free online initial consultation here. When you set up the appointment, you’ll be asked some questions about your sport, what’s going on for you, and if you’ve done any past sport psychology/mindset work.

You’ll then select the sport counselor and time that’s best for you. (Read about our team on our website.) Since you can select your own timezone, you won’t have to do any math to calculate even if your sport counselor is in a different time zone.

After you schedule, you’ll receive an email at the email address you provided. That email will have all of the appointment details including the link for your session. You’ll receive a reminder two days before your session.

When your session time arrives, find a place where its quiet and you won’t be interrupted. You can log on using the link from your confirmation email right at the appointment time. No need to show up 15 minutes early like at the doctor’s office.

When you click on the link, it will take you to the online waiting room. From there, your sport counselor will welcome you in and let you know what to expect in the session.

You can use a computer or phone for your session. If using your phone, just make sure you have a place to prop it up so your arm doesn’t get tired and cramp up. We’re not responsible for injuries!

Super easy! Ready to get started? Let’s do this. Schedule an initial consultation today. See you soon!

All sport counselors on our team offer online sessions. Read our bios and find the sport counselor for you!