Sterling Sport Mindset has two locations. We offer in-person sessions in Kansas City and online sessions from anywhere!

You’ll find what you’re looking for at both Sterling Sport Mindset locations. Whether you choose online or the KC location, we start all athletes with an initial consultation where we’ll talk about what’s going on for you, discuss what could be holding you back, and talk about what could be different as a result of our work together.

In-Person Sessions at the Kansas City Office

The Kansas City Office location is in the Crossroads District of KC. Enjoy the energy of the environment as you work on your Complete Mental Game. Dr. Linda Sterling and Victoria Hill offer in-person sessions.

Local athletes may prefer a hybrid approach with a combination of in-person and online sessions.

When your schedule allows, plan on an in-person session. If you want to spend a little time off campus, you can make a whole event of it. Stop by a HITIDES coffee or get lunch at Mission Taco Joint before or after your session.

When you’re short on time between games, practice, school, and other commitments, schedule an online session.

Online Sessions from Anywhere

Online sessions are fantastic because they can be done from anywhere. No planning for extra drive time to the office. As athletes (and sport parents), your schedule is already full. Find a comfy, quiet place and log on for your session. The convenience of online sessions is a game changer!

All sport counselors on our team offers online sessions. Read our bios and find the sport counselor for you!