Kelsey Kinnamon, M.S. – Intake Coordinator

Kelsey Kinnamon, M.S.

Sport has always been constant in my life. Even when I thought I was done or unsure about what sport would be for me, I always came back to it. I spent most of my life playing softball and was lucky enough to spend time playing softball in college. I walked away from softball when I felt it had given me and taught me everything it could and that it was time for a new journey. I threw myself into pursuing my studies in sport psychology and thought I had left my role of being an athlete behind forever. Then I found myself competing in weightlifting. Through this transition, I began to understand that who we are as athletes is something we always carry with us, both in and out of our sports. Our roles as athletes are connected to all of our other roles in life, and it’s important we understand how!

After completing my undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology at West Virginia University, I attended Georgia Southern University where I completed my master’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology. It was there that I began to truly develop a passion for supporting athletes in and out of competition. I came to understand that athletes need support as people, first and foremost. When they are supported in all aspects and able to explore who they are in all domains of life, they can thrive in life and competition. Now, I am pursuing a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at Florida State.

I can’t wait to meet you during your initial consult and look forward to speaking with you!