Elizabeth Serago, B.S. – Intern

Elizabeth Serago, B.S.

Hi! My name is Liz. I am currently a graduate student at the University of Saint Mary studying counseling psychology. I am interning at Sterling Sport Mindset, which is a dream come true. I have wanted to work in sport psychology for quite a few years and it’s finally happening! Yay!

I grew up in Ohio and decided that I wanted to travel so I completed my undergrad psychology studies in South Dakota before moving to Kansas for my masters. I have been a soccer athlete for about 19 years and I still play competitively today in the WPSL. I am looking to play abroad professionally within the next few seasons. I have experimented with a few other sports including softball, track and field, cross country, basketball, and a few others- but soccer has my heart. 

With a long history of being an athlete comes a long history of injuries. I have had many experiences with athletic-related injuries that have been season ending or detrimental to my passion. The physical recovery is important, but the mental recovery is EVEN more important. I am a big believer that how you view your current situation will drive your recovery and comeback. 

I have rehabbed from surgery, missed wildly important seasons due to injury, questioned my love for the game, lacked confidence, doubted my ability, contemplated quitting, and yet something always keeps me coming back. Feel like you’re in the same boat? Let’s chat!

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