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Hey there, competitive athlete! We’re so glad you’re here.

As an athlete, we know you’ve got goals. We do too. Our goal is for every athlete to have a personalized mental game plan to achieve goals AND enjoy the sport (and human) experience.

Since you’re here, we know you’re ready to elevate your game, in sport and life.

What’s Happening 

Maybe you’re already killin’ it on the court and you know that the mental game separates the good from the great.

As the competition increases, you know your mindset has to be strong. It’s the missing piece to achieving your goals. You’re ready to build on the confidence, focus, and intensity that you already have. 

Maybe it’s all becoming a little much. The give-it-your-all, all-the-time sport culture is demanding.

You’re so busy with your sport and all of your other obligations. You might be wondering if this is what burnout looks like. You LOVE your sport, but sometimes it’s a lot. A lot of pressure, a lot of time, a lot of energy, a lot of expectations. From yourself and from others. It’s becoming tough to have a life outside of sport. Your non-athlete friends just don’t get it. Occasionally, you wonder if you even get it.

Maybe you’re experiencing some mindset challenges. You’ve always felt like you had a pretty good mental game, but something has shifted.

  • A coach said something negative that stuck with you.
  • You’re worried that you’re disappointing your family.
  • You had a tough season that you just can’t seem to make a comeback from.
  • You’re worried about losing your playing time.
  • You’ve lost your playing time, but want desperately to get it back.
  • Practice is amazing, but when game time rolls around, you’re so nervous you can’t perform.
  • You have a lot of interest from college/pro coaches, but you feel like you fall apart when they’re in the stands.
  • An error stays with you the whole game.
  • A bad call by an official can set you off.
  • You’re coming back from injury and the return to sport process is much more difficult than you anticipated.
  • You’re wondering if you’ll ever be you again…

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

Sport is ah-maz-ing, but it can really challenge you sometimes. And not always in that “it makes me a better, stronger person kind of way.” But you love it (most days!), so you stay with it.

What You’ve Tried

You read a book on sport psychology, but it didn’t really tell you what to do or when to do it. And you’re not sure it fit your actual situation. You watched some sport psych videos, but it felt more like motivational speaking. You talked to a counselor without a sports background. They were nice and probably super awesome at what they do, but they didn’t understand athletics.

You tried some time management techniques and bought a new planner. You decided to dedicate some time to hobbies (what are those?!) and to your friends, but sometimes you’d have to cancel because your practice schedule changed or you were just too tired. This left you feeling even more isolated.

You feel like you’ve really tried All. The. Things. for your mindset. You’ve attempted positive self-talk, but it’s not working. You try to focus, but your head isn’t clear. Your support system has given you so many pep talks (if you’re up for hearing them), but it seems like they’re wrong. The doubt isn’t going away. You’re starting to wonder if you’ve got what it takes.

What’s Next

You’re on board with the importance of sport mindset work, now if you only knew what to do, when to do it, and how to make it stick. Oh and a little support and someone to help you personalize it for your situation would be amazing.

You’re in the right place! As a competitive athlete who wants to love life on and off the field, we know what you’re going through and what it takes to make your goals happen…while you actually enjoy the process.

Regardless of the team you’re on, we’re TEAM YOU and we’ve got you covered.

Our Complete Mental Game Program is for athletes who want to develop a strong mindset. Whether you’re coming from a place of feeling good or being the most worried you’ve ever been, we’ve got you.

As we said above, we know you’ve got goals and our goal is to help you achieve yours. We know this happens when athletes have a personalized mental game plan.

We don’t want you reflecting on your glory days and saying “dang, I wish I would’ve had this sport psych stuff when I was playing. I would’ve achieved more and had so much more fun.”

Your time is now. The glory days are here. The achievements, the fun, and the strong mental game are here for the taking. Let’s do this.

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